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Standard box double-wave reinforced
Dimensions: L 55 xl 35 xh 33 cm
Capacity: 63.5 liters
Thickness: Double wave
Type: Ultra resistant
Maximum load: 45 kg
Origin: Belgian manufacture
Small Box double wave reinforced
Dimensions: L 33 xl 25.5 xh 35 cm
Capacity: 28 liters
Thickness: double wave
Type: Ultra resistant
Maximum load: 40 kg
Origin: Belgian manufacture
Dressing Box Large
Dimensions: L 50 xl 50 xh 120 cm
É thickness: Double flute
Type: Ultra resistant r e
Rod: Metallic 50cm
Origin: Belgian manufacture
Ultra resistant stretch film
Dimensions: 50 cm x 300 meters
E Thickness: 17 micron
Type: Ultra resistant r e
Origin: Belgian manufacture
Dispenser + 6 adhesive tapes
This pack includes a dispenser and 6 adhesive tapes
Indispensable for an efficient closing of all your boxes and packaging
Adjustable brake allowing the adaptation of the unwinding force of the adhesive tape
This reinforced adhesive tape dispenser will save you time closing your moving boxes.
Foam wedge 30mm wide
3cm wide (inside)
thickness 10 mm.
polyethylene foam