This moving kit is ideal for preparing the move of a 1 to 3 bedroom apartment or a small house. It is composed of a double mattress protector , a 1m / 10m bubble wrap roll , a 33cm / 10m bubble wrap roll of 2 adhesive rolls and 5 small boxes , 20 standard boxes and 5 boxes large reinforced double thickness, braces for 12 plates , braces for 24 glasses , braces for 6 bottles , as well as a packet of protective paper for dishes . The Kitchen Pack is generally used as a complement to this moving kit. Add moving boxes to this kit to complete it or additional packaging products that you may need ( bubble wrap, braces, mattress protector …) - Carton Small: Internal dimensions (length x width x height): 330x255x350 mm. Permissible load 35 kg. Standard box: Internal dimensions (length x width x height): 530 x 350 x 330 mm. Permissible load 40 kg. Large box: Internal dimensions (length x width x height): 600 x 400 x 400 mm. Permissible load 50 kg.


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